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The Role of plastics in today’s world: plastics and the environment

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The necessity and requirement of living green and clean is at the forefront today. Environmentalists may be divided over whether it is too late or not to change, but they do agree that change is necessary. And their major concern has of course been the production, usage, and disposal of plastics.

This is not without reason. Plastic has been known as a poison killing the planet, though there are other things that are toxic too. But plastic has always been at the forefront, which is why several companies like Quantum Plastics came up to make plastic production more ethical and environment-friendly.

The main complaint against plastic has been that it isn’t degradable and ends up polluting every part of the planet it has ended up in - mostly landfills and oceans. These plastics end up in the food and water we eat ultimately, making them a true menace. Which makes the production of degradable plastic even more essential.

Why is it essential? Because plastic has become an inseparable part of our lives. It is easy to produce and versatile, lending itself to many uses, and now several facets of our lives cannot go on without plastic. So a clean cut from it is not possible, which makes the production of degradable plastics even more pertinent.

There are several alternatives to harmful plastics today that work just as well if not better than regular plastic. These new plastics are of different types. Some are soluble in water, some are biodegradable, and some are degradable or recyclable. They vary in degrees of degradability, but are safer for the environment than regular plastics.

But just producing these plastics isn’t enough. Consumers and companies alike have to proactively opt for these plastics in all their purchases and processes. They should make the choice, or rather the change, to degradable and environment-friendly plastics.

From toothbrushes to carry bags, all the plastics we use should be degradable and environment-friendly. Making this conscious choice widespread could become an incentive to produce more degradable plastics, and totally stop production of harmful plastics. This will benefit the planet but also ultimately humanity as a whole.

So let's be responsible and make the right choice every time - the right plastic.